Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation

The world is yours

As you probably are well aware, Curriculum Vitae along with Cover Letter are your first way of contact and impression with your potential future employer, hence this two “simple” piece of paper have a majestic importance in standing out from thousands of candidates and be appointed for an interview.

That is a fact, as simple as that.

All this is even more important if your experience does not go that far leaving you with few points in your CV to attract attention.  That is why a strategically personalized, well written and attractive CV and Cover Letter is a key aspect for your career progress (or start!).


What we can offer you

Pro Fly Sim in-house Human Resources experts will help you to construct and tailor you CV and Cover Letter by a structured methodology:

  • Analysis of your skills, achievements, strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysis of the airline company and role you are applying for
  • Strategic selection of keywords that best meet the needs of the company and role your applying for
  • Creation or restyling of your curriculum vitae so to enhance your personal and professional path and strengths in relation to the job
  • Effective organization of the contents of your curriculum vitae
  • Creation of restyling of your Cover Letter so to underline key aspects of your persona that will match the airline recruiters search criteria.
  • Selection of the finest graphic design for the CV and Cover Letter that enhances your contents and skills

What you will gain

  • Personalized CV and Cover Letter that will be up-to-the-task and modern, in order words, able to stand out when in the recruiters hands
  • Written in a clear, effective and convincing manner, which presents the perfect synthesis between originality and professionalism, form and content
  • An incisive tool that enhances your strengths compared to the competition so to persuade recruiters to hire you
  • CV and Cover Letter that perfectly match both the airline and role needs, so to result in their easy winning choice


The Product includes:

  • Analysis of your persona, skills, strength and weaknesses
  • Analysis of the airline company and role
  • Creation of your Curriculum Vitae
  • Creation of your Cover Letter