Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation

A life-changing day needs careful preparation

Got the interview, well done! Now it is time to prepare for that day, stand out and confirm to the human resources people that you are the right person and absolutely entitled for the job.

The aim of the course is to prepare a candidate for an airline interview as a First/Second Officer to pass the assessment so to start his/her career successfully.

It is essential to take full advantage of an assessment opportunity through careful and comprehensive preparation, at both the Interview session and the Simulator session.

Professional instructors with experience in human resources, interviewing, technical assessment and flight training conduct the courses.


What we can offer you

Our assessment preparation include full handling and profile briefings prior to the simulator session as well as a detailed debrief after the sim session. The training is tailored to meet your specific airline check profile, for which our friendly and expert instructors will help you prepare it with patience and understanding.


Course Duration

1 Day, 8 Hours


  • Personal attitude and HR interview practice and training
  • Group exercise practice and training
  • Technical interview practice and training
  • Numerical, verbal and technical reasoning practice and training
  • Review of IFR concepts and charts
  • Review of the Pilot Flying vs Pilot Monitoring roles and responsibilities
  • Profiles, handling and manoeuvres of a Simulator Assessment


  • Human Resources Interview Preparation

2 hours. Frontal dynamic teaching class, reviewing all the typical aspects, modus operandi and questions of this personal interview.  Simulation of a classic HR group exercise.

  • Technical Interview Refresher

2 hours. Frontal dynamic teaching class, refreshing all the typical questions of this technical interview, including numerical reasoning as well as tips & tricks of the aviation world.

  • Simulator Preparation

4 hours. Review of IFR concepts, manoeuvres and actions, as Pilot Flying and Pilot Monitoring, requested at a typical assessment in our state-of-the-art Boeing 737-800 Next Generation, with a Full HD 220 degrees projection and Real Vision technology.

The simulator session is preceded by a briefing and followed by a debriefing, discussing the main points of the session.

 Entry Requirements

An Airline Assessment Preparation applicant must be the holder of an EASA CPL with a current Multi-Engine IR (A) endorsement, have accomplished a Multi-Crew Cooperation Course and provide proof of English Language Proficiency (if applicable).

The Course includes:

  • Documentation
  • HR and Technical Question Bank
  • Briefings and evaluations
  • Theoretical courses
  • Simulator sessions

The Course does not include:

Accommodation and travel are at your own expense and responsibility (feel free to ask for support in choosing and/or booking your accommodation)

Simulation Project gives also the possibility to tailor the Airline Assessment Preparation to meet your specific needs